Congressman Attends Son’s Gay Event After Voting Versus It

Congressman Attends Son’s Gay Event After Voting Versus It

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Congressman Attends Son’s Gay Wedding Just Days After Voting Against Gay Relationship

A Republican congressman exactly who voted against national legislation that will push claims to identify same-sex matrimony went to his own daughter’s gay wedding ceremony just a few days afterwards. Rep. Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania evidently does not think gay matrimony need protected, which must-have already been quite embarrassing when he made an impassioned speech concerning really love between his child and another man from the wedding ceremony.

  1. Thompson is “happy” about their son’s brand new husband.

    A statement given with the

    Arizona Post

    on Monday via Thompson’s press assistant, Maddison Stone read: “Congressman and Mrs. Thompson were delighted to attend and commemorate their own daughter’s relationship on Friday night while he began this new part inside the existence. The Thompsons are very thrilled to acceptance their new son-in-law to their household.” Let’s expect that matrimony remains legal!

  2. The address Thompson provided at his son’s wedding ended up being undoubtedly something else entirely.

    “As they develop so that as they have a tiny bit older, we additionally wish and pray they’re going to discover that one real love so that they have the opportunity to discover that: people to grow old with,” Thompson said, according to a
    gotten by BuzzFeed. “We think it’s great whenever they discover their unique one real love, particularly when they become a part of our households next.” So is this guy major?!

  3. Hey, possibly Thompson was merely voting along party traces.

    How can we anticipate politicians to truly put the welfare of the people they represent very first in the place of placing celebration basic and wanting to curry benefit in politics? Perhaps we should be considerably more understanding of Thompson and 156 other Republican residence people in opposing the regard for wedding operate. No? I didn’t think-so both.

  4. Thompson’s press assistant is actually a grasp at gaslighting.

    The woman explanation for Thompson’s vote? She had none, but she did claim that it didn’t issue just how Thompson voted or perhaps the impact that vote could have from the rights of millions of gay and interracial lovers becoming married. Truly, its those damn Democrats’ failing! “This statement was simply an election-year texting stunt for Democrats in Congress that didn’t address old rising cost of living and unmanageable rates at gas stations and grocery stores,” Stone stated in an

    Centre Day-to-day Times

    . I… what?

  5. The hypocrisy moved unacknowledged.

    Expected whether or not it was somewhat wealthy for Thompson to choose against homosexual marriage then head to their boy’s homosexual wedding ceremony which, if Republicans had their unique way, would not be legally allowed to happen anyway, Thompson didn’t come with response. Figures.

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